I've been in business for almost 8 years and I still remember how I felt at the beginning stages of this floral journey. Confused, full of questions, overwhelmed, and occasionally discouraged.

Sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest part. 

If that rings true to where you are now, I want you to know that you are still ready and worthy of all the success. No one gets where they want to be alone and I would be happy to walk the path to a more fulfilling business and life with you.

imposter syndrome is b*llsh*t

if you don't invest inyourself, don't expect anyone
else to.

I started this business almost 8 years ago on a wish and a prayer. Stepping out took faith, grit, and perseverance and I certainly learned a few things on the way. 

Not only do I have plenty of experience in planning weddings, designing them, and implementing custom floral design. I also, have years of experience of balancing all those things with my other roles and employee, partner, mother, and decent human being.

Mentoring with me is just like working with me as a couple. I am going to listen to you, get to the bottom of what you want, trust my intuition about where you should go, and help you execute. 

I got you.

why not me?

Why me?

Setting up a styled shoot and need flowers?
I'm happy to help.

Let's meet, talk about the vibe you are going for, and work together!

The amount of work that goes into a styled shoot is great, therefore I do not currently do styled shoots for free/exchange.

Styled Shoots

Want to get hands on and go in depth in person? My in studio sessions are all about that.

Choose from a half or full day with a set agenda specific to the things you want to learn about and walk away with the knowledge  and plan you need to move FORWARD.

In-Studio Mentoring

Virtual or in-person?
30 mins or an hour?

My mentoring dates give you all the flexibility and all the control to name what you need help with and let me jump in with you. 

Whether you have general questions on where to start or need help with a specific event, I'm ready!

Mentoring Dates

mentorship options

Mentoring session range between $150 - $2000 depending on what package you choose.

There is a price for everyone within that range!

How much does mentoring cost?

It depends!

I want these session to work for you not matter where you are or what your schedule is!

Virtual sessions will happen over Zoom.

In-person can happen anywhere between Seattle and Tacoma on a mutually agreeable date.

Studio sessions will happen in my studio in Tacoma, Washington

where does mentoring take place?

Anything and everything!

You set the course for these sessions, so I want to focus on what would serve you best.

Here are some ideas, but you can use them for WHATEVER:
  • How to start a business
  • Learning a new floral skill
  • Defining processes
  • Work/life balance
  • Cohesive design principles

what can i expect to learn?

For multiple session packages, I suggest we meet once a month.

You can certainly choose to meet more than that, but I ask that there is a minimum of two weeks between sessions so you have a enough time to implement learnings from previous sessions.

How frequently WILL we meet?

I exercise empathy, kindness, and embracing your unique style all while leaning into my strong intuition.

I am prepared to meet you wherever you are on the journey, share my knowledge, and cheer you on. 

Honesty is important to me, so any feedback given is done so in a supportive and constructive manner.

I'm on your team.

what is your mentoring "style"

Frequently Asked questions 

Frequently Asked questions

BREE ASK - sTudent

"[Kiara is] hands-on and attentive yet so encouraging of unique style! [She creates] a fun, fresh, environment where everyone is a star! Always the best time with a great instructor!'"

Sarah farahani - student

Testimonial incoming...stay tuned!


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