For the past two decades, I've been honing my craft in the business world, providing steadfast guidance to high-profile executives. My journey has been anything but conventional and I've learned to trust my gut, to leap when others hesitate. Finding beauty in the chaos of uncertainty is a part of my daily life.

Before diving into coaching and mentoring, I spent the last eight years navigating the world of wedding planning and floral design. Those years weren't just about arranging flowers and coordinating events; they were a crash course in intuition and adaptability. Now, I'm eager to share those lessons with you.

Embracing the power of intuition is something I am passionate about. I want to teach you to tap into that inner voice, lean into it, and let it guide you through the twists and turns of entrepreneurship…of which there are many. Because let's be real, sometimes the best decisions are the ones that feel a little scary at first.

imposter syndrome is b*llsh*t

if you don't invest inyourself, don't expect anyone
else to.

I have never been about cookie-cutter solutions or rigid blueprints. Nope! If you are entering my world, I want you to know that we will forge our own path, one that's as unique as you. This program isn't just about achieving success—it's about crafting a business that's authentically yours, and because progress doesn't end when the mentoring stops, it's about building a foundation that will sustain your success long into the future. 

We’re going on a dynamic journey where every "a-ha" moment is celebrated, and every setback is seen as an opportunity for growth. That's just how I roll and I'm inviting you to join me on the journey. 

Whether you prefer virtual sessions for convenience or crave that face-to-face connection, I've got you covered.

Spots in this program are limited. Why? Because I believe in giving each and every participant the attention and support they deserve. Whether you're looking to tackle specific challenges or embark on a comprehensive transformation, I'm here to walk with you every step of the way.

So, here's my questions for you:
Are you ready to unlock your business's full potential? 
Are you ready to embrace vulnerability as a catalyst for growth? 

Yes? Well, get loser…because we're about to embark on one hell of an adventure!

Setting up a styled shoot and need flowers?
I'm happy to help.

Let's meet, talk about the vibe you are going for, and work together!

The amount of work that goes into a styled shoot is great, therefore I do not currently do styled shoots for free/exchange.

Styled Shoots

Want to get hands on and go in depth in person? In studio sessions are all about that.

Choose from a half or full day with a set agenda specific to the things you want to learn about and walk away with the knowledge and plan you need to move FORWARD.

In-Studio Mentoring

Virtual or in-person?
30 mins or an hour?

My mentoring dates give you all the flexibility and all the control to name what you need help with and let me jump in with you. 

Whether you have general questions on where to start or need help with a specific event, I'm ready!

Virtual & In-Person

mentorship options & pricing


  • $150 - one 30min session
  • $250 - one one-hour session
  • $500 - four 30 min sessions
  • $800 - four one-hour sessions


  • $1000 - half day 1:1 (4 hrs)
  • $1800 - full day 1:1 (8 hrs)

BREE ASK - sTudent

"[Kiara is] hands-on and attentive yet so encouraging of unique style! [She creates] a fun, fresh, environment where everyone is a star! Always the best time with a great instructor!'"

Sarah farahani - student

Testimonial incoming...stay tuned!